Got my MBA in Amsterdam

Proving that despite all the distractions this wonderful city has to offer, I was able to focus on my education and work hard to a schedule discharging all my responsibilities

The Dutch culture celebrates diversity and equality and was a wonderful environment to develop professional skills whilst also growing my social skills to interact with people from different cultures.

Known as the worlds greatest explorers with an open mind, I have become a bit of a Flying Dutchman myself, being able to integrate all over the world and communicate and collaborate effectively with people at all levels.


I fell into web development by accident

Found myself really taken to continuously learning new methodologies and exploring different designs.

Starting out with a basic Wordpress site and some YouTube videos, I was able to quickly upskill into the world HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. Then I learned by accident that Platforms such as Bootstrap and others really increased my productiviy by an order of magnitude. Web development grew on me like an addictively contagious phenomenon.


In my spare time I love skateboarding

There is something about sliding smoothly over the roads and footpaths

To enjoy my hobby with friends I am the founder and president of CitySkate, a club for skateboarding enthusiasts that organises weekly skates. Our events are subscribed to by hundreds of people and - weather permitting - we love getting together to enjoy our passion and have a social gathering and a drink after our meets.


As a team player, I will make a strong contribution to your execution!

My top three traits at work are :

Analytic Ninja

I measure the key indicators of my performance daily. I make better decisions every day.

Sound communications skills

I pride myself of giving direct open feedback and making sure that my communication is timely and clear at all times.

I'm a true innovator beyond lip service

As a firehose of new ideas, I test my assumptions to ensure they can be implemented effectively.

Do you like how I roll ?

Just send me an email and I would love to catch up over a coffee to explore if we would mutually benefit from working together...?